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KarmaChain MVP

KarmaChain is a decentralized application prototype that stores sensitive information across multiple tenants. Dashboard interface displays possible 3rd party integrations.


Specializes focus on user experience interactions having to do with asynchronous confirmation times on a blockchain.

Web3 Design Accessibility

A unique facet of web3 technology is the wait time for block confirmations. One of the most important aspects of a Web3 interface is to transparently display all events pertinent to the user, especially loading and wait times.

Reduce potential human error

Hashes are foundational to the make of Ethereum smart contracts. These hashes are extremely valuable and important — and often the user must interact with them. A goal in this project was to simplify interactions with the hash by allowing users to easily copy them and to associate meaningful text alongside (time, title, etc).

Onboarding screen

Onboarding screen