top resources


The Futur/Chris Do
Get lost for a few hours. Or a few days.

DO/Peter Farrelly
Be whoever you want to be. This video is magic.

Foundational approach to superpower teams.

Tony Robbins
Bottomline: leadership is learnable.

Simon Sinek on 99U
Leaders eat last — proof that focusing on culture can mean $$$.

UX & Design

Norman Nielsen Group
Serious knowledge-drops & user research.

Designer News
A place to ingest the latest & greatest in design.

A playground for you & will make your dev happy.

Thinking in Systems
Geek out on systems from a system engineer mind.

Lo-Fi Chill Hop
Tunes to tune out to in the creative flow zone.

UX Planet
Great collection of articles from UX’rs around the web.


Nicholas Feltron
Data designer who balances art and product.

Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Book by Gordon MacKenzie on design disruption.

A place for ethereum devs and #buidlers alike to hack.

Product Hunt
Shiny (launched!) products waiting for new users.