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Whitepaper Illustrations

MPD is a tool made available to you as a step-by-step guide for raising financial support as well as an online system to produce reports of the donations received.


2018, led the direction and created style components for a Whitepaper to communicate the value of utilizing MPD for raising financial support.

Sample from Illustration Guidelines

Illustration Style Guidelines

Characters are always in motion, comprised of fluid shapes, with high-waisted torsos (longer legs) and nimble feet. People are simplified versions of real-life optimistic individuals, (simple charicatures) in constant forward movement and energy.

Use details only where essential to show the point (ie. facial features, hands, etc). Because this abstracted stylization, characters can also interact with simplified shapes borrowed from the UI to demonstrate complex technical topics.

Geometic/abstracted shapes are used as the building blocks, and then smoothed out to demonstrate forward motion. UI elements such as graphs, chat boxes, articles, programs, & connection can appear.